Driving School Granville

Driving School Granville

Driving School Granville NSW 2142. We provides high quality affordable and cheap driving lessons in Granville to suit both the beginner and experienced drivers.

Driving Lessons Granville and near

Driving lessons have been define by our driving instructors  which fits your current driving skills and needs.

Our service include Driving Test Preparation, beginner and new to driving. We ensure all your driving lessons are interesting.

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We try to provide useful info, tips and practice in the given time. With a dual control car taking you to drive in a real life situation and understanding the Road rules and implementing it in your driving.

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You can call us 0468 309 286 or 0479 135 876 . We can discuss how to get started, lessons, special offers, pricing etc. Or you can book online, request a call back or send us a text!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start taking driving lessons, you must have a current and valid Learner driving licence.  For more information visit on our USEFUL LINKS page.

It totally depends on your skills and learning abilities. We show you the safest and the most practical way to learn to drive, but every learner is different. After the first couple of lessons, the instructor will give you their professional opinion as to how many lessons you will need in order to pass your practical test.

Yes, All Roadtrainer Driving school instructors are licensed by the RMS so we do offer 3 for 1 lesson for logbook.

Yes, you can and as long as you can drive the car safely then you can hire the instructor’s car for the test. However, there is no guarantee that you will pass the test. Some cut back on lessons to save money. But in the long run, after failing a few tests they realise that it actually costs more. So if you can afford it, try and take the recommended amount of lessons before your test as this way you will stand a better chance of passing it first time.

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Google 5 Star Review
Shoeb is a great instructor and I was able to get my liscence on the first go. This is the best driving school and I would highly recommend it.
driving lessons granville
Driving Lessons Granville

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Driving School Granville