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Blacktown Driving School

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Blacktown Driving School
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Blacktown Driving School

We offer good quality Packages to pass the Driving Test at Blacktown Service NSW. We provide proper training and Pre-test route preparation to Get P or Full licence. All our driving instructors are full qualified and RTA approved. Our Driving School in Blacktown train you to become a competent, confident and a safe driver for lifelong.

Our affordable driving lessons have been tailored in such a way that it fits in around your current driving skills and your driving needs. Whether you are doing refresher driving lessons, advanced, intensive or you are a total beginner and new to driving. We try to ensure all your driving lessons are interesting, making sure you are constantly learning the right driving skills and gaining the correct knowledge you will need to be a successful and a safe driver. We provide flexibility with all our driving lessons and courses for you to manage any other commitments you have.

If you have never driven before, we start with the basics and gradually build your driving confidence, quickly and efficiently to ensure that you don’t waste time and money on more driving lessons. Your instructor at RoadTrainer Driving School will support and guide you until you’re confident that you’re ready to get your licence.  If you want to achieve results and you are in Blacktown NSW, then contact us today or SMS us and we shall respond within an hour.

Our office is open 7 days so you can call us 0452 526 263 or 0422 745 299  anytime (even weekends and late evenings) to discuss how to get started, lessons, special offers, pricing etc. Or you can book online, request a call back or send us a text!

Call us on 0452526263